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  • Advanced inspection management tools for your field teams and supply chain

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Award Winning Solutions Designed to Fit Your Needs

For Carriers

Livegenic is trusted by insurance carriers across the globe to deliver world-class solutions to their customers, clients, and insureds. Our platform was built from the ground up to help:

  • Decrease cycle time and claims processing expenses
  • Increase policyholder satisfaction and support
  • Reduce fraud and virtual inspection risks


savings in claims
processing cost


reduction in claims
cycle time


fraud decrease on live
content capture

For Claims Organizations

Livegenic supports a variety of workflows for organizations of all kinds, from TPA and IA networks to loss control specialists. Through the Livegenic suite, insurance organizations have access to solutions that:

  • Enable collaborative loss documentation in any environment, at any time
  • Improve inspection efficiency and help support your client’s SLAs
  • Decrease inspection costs, travel expenses, and content storage fees


reduction in travel
costs for adjusters


increase in adjuster


decrease in adjuster
management costs

For InsurTech Platforms

By integrating with the Livegenic API suite, InsurTech partners immediately gain access to our powerful media storage and collaboration platform. Our flexible APIs allow integrated partners to:

  • Expand their own capabilities through our fully-developed platform
  • Utilize a technology with full vetting and security certificates, including SOC2 and GDPR
  • Benefit from cross-through integrations with Guidewire, Hyland OnBase, Salesforce, and other major insurance platforms


uptime in
ISO 27001

For Other Industries

Livegenic helps businesses in industries such as property & real estate, facilities and construction to connect faster with their customers and field staff for quoting, inspecting and QA of projects.

  • Facilities Maintenance – increase the number of property and maintenance report submissions daily
  • Property & Real Estate – see everything your tenants or property owners need to share during property inspections
  • Builders & Trades – quote, manage and QA your projects for better quality, speed and efficiency


Field Resource
Cloud Media
Platform for Claims
real-time collaboration
field resource management
customer self-service
cloud media platform for claims

Close claims without leaving the office. The Livegenic mobile suite enables policyholders, adjusters, and field inspectors to collaborate in real-time through live video and photo capture.

  • Available on full native Apps and browser-based mobile solutions
  • Video quality is adjustable and automatically adapts to fit available networks
  • All videos, images, and audio recordings are automatically saved to the claim file
  • Remote picture capture, augmented reality measurements, and more

Spend less time coordinating inspections with your field staff or waiting days for loss documentation to come in. With Livegenic, your field inspection teams have access to the ultimate loss documentation and assignment management toolkit.

  • Record videos, pictures, and audio with or without an internet connection
  • Generate annotated photo reports with a press of the button
  • Receive and manage assignments and review inspection details
  • Display real-time inspector location and availability for incoming jobs

The Livegenic mobile suite provides customers with a single, easy-to-use self-service tool for inspecting their claims in any environment, and at any time.

  • App-based and download-free self-service tools are available
  • Offline recording allows for self-service even in low-connectivity areas
  • Configurable workflows are custom-built to fit your customer’s use case
  • Increase customer satisfaction and shorten cycle time

A platform built for you - the Livegenic Web Portal allows for configurable access to the tools, content, and workflows that your teams need.

  • Fully-featured claims collaboration platform includes 7-year’s storage for all content
  • Supports custom workflows and use cases across a wide variety of verticals
  • Generate custom photo reports on your own templates
  • Secure access and control over user privileges, audit records, and reporting
  • Customizable appearance fits and maintains brand experience.


John Wysseier
John Wysseier

President and CEO,
The CEI Group

Livegenic crafted customized, high quality technology-driven solutions to help position my Company to create a competitive differentiation. The Livegenic team demonstrates an impressive mix of entrepreneurial spirit, hunger to innovate, agility, and flexibility to develop Customer-focused Solutions all supported by a highly impressive and scalable technology platform.

Jim Balzarine
Jim Balzarine

Property Claims Director,
GuideOne Insurance

Livegenic shortens the claim processing cycle considerably because you don’t have to wait for an adjuster to physically meet you. When a claim is approved, we can issue a check in 1-2 days versus the standard 10-14 days.

Nathan Despain
Nathan Despain

Vice President,

We are very excited to be partnering with Livegenic. By expanding the WaterStreet insurance administration capabilities to offer video collaboration and self-service inspection, we will be able to better equip our clients with tools and technology to offer a seamless digital experience and optimize the claims and inspection process along the way.

Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis

CEO, Claim Technology

We greatly enjoy working with the Livegenic team. The team has a positive can-do attitude that is evident at every level of the company. Both teams immediately recognized the value of integrating Livegenic's capability with Claim Technology's digital claims platform. We've enabled customers to experience the benefits of self-service and real-time collaborative inspections from within our claims chatbot, whilst providing insurer clients with immediate decision-support tools on indemnity or liability. The Livegenic team is always on hand and a genuinely great team of people to work with.

Daniel Weisman
Daniel Weisman

CIO and Co-Founder,
Motion Auto, Millennial
Assurance Co

We reviewed several vendors and platforms to potentially work with concerning claims. Understanding that the claims experience is crucial to the overall experience for customers, we had a hard time finding the right partner. Livegenic emerged and quickly became the obvious choice for us. Their philosophies on mobile technology - and most important, the consumer - moved them to the front of the line. As we push for much-needed changes in the auto insurance space, Livegenic is a vital partner to help us provide one of the best claims experiences in the industry with a fantastic marriage of technology and reality.

Cecelia Garcia
Cecelia Garcia

Business Analyst,
Tarion Warranty Corporation

Working with Livegenic has helped us achieve our vision beyond what it was initially thought to be. The support we receive, especially when it comes to the customization required for our unique business, continues to exceed our expectations. Their technology has helped make our business processes efficient and has allowed us to progress as technology leaders in the home warranty industry.

Serene Zacharie
Serene Zacharie

Co-Founder & Director,

The partnership with the Livegenic team has transferred our customer-centric product offering across Europe. Our platform is focused on truly customer value-add solutions and Livegenic is in the center of our value proposition. We believe our partnership will create additional breakthrough solutions for our clients in 2020 and beyond, while we gain a leading market share dominance across Europe with our global insurance partners.

Becky Mattick
Becky Mattick

Director, Global Solution Alliances, Guidewire Software

We are pleased to welcome Livegenic as a Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partner. Livegenic’s Ready for Guidewire add-on provides claims teams with access to its visual claims collaboration platform enabling high levels of customer service throughout the claims investigation process. We are excited to make these innovative insurtech capabilities available to our mutual insurer clients.

Raj Pofale
Raj Pofale

Founder & CEO,
Claim Genius

In automating the Auto Claims experience, time is the critical element of success. Livegenic has made the claims inspection process simple and easy for customers, and by providing Claim Genius' real-time AI Photo Estimating on top, we've built a joint solution that greatly-improves the simplicity and cost savings for both carriers and customers.
It’s great working with such a passionate and enthusiastic team, and Claim Genius is looking forward to many joint endeavors with Livegenic in the future.

Stefano Sironi
Stefano Sironi

Co-Founder & CEO,
Axioma Europe

Through their partnership, Axioma and Livegenic aim to significantly decrease damage assessment and claim settlement turnaround times. Combining Axioma’s automated claim assessment and classification algorithm with Livegenic’s remote visual inspection tool will allow insurers and fleet managers to front-load a significant portion of the claim settlement process, giving policyholders real-time feedback on the status of their claim and repairs. Livegenic and Axioma will also work on integrating selected repair vendors into the claim process, who will actively tender for repair work, ensuring competitiveness on costs and SLA's.

Integration and Professional Services

From day one, our mission has been to help insurance organizations of all kinds by supporting their IT departments and accelerating technology adoption. The Livegenic team has helped design and build custom insurance integrations, platforms, and other solutions for clients across the globe.

End-to-end Insurance
Technology Consultancy
Full Support from Design
and Development to Delivery
Easy to use Desktop, Web,
and Mobile Solutions
Custom Integrations, Analytics,
and Data Science
Cloud Configuration
and 24/7 IT Support
100% Success Guaranteed
by our History

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