Claim Technology Announce Collaboration with Livegenic

Livegenic is excited to announce a new collaborative effort with our partners at Claim Technology Group; combining the Livegenic claims platform with Claim Technology’s chatbot AI, Robin, to deliver an intuitive, fully-automated claims process for policyholders. For more information, see their full release here.

Claim Technology is described as “The industry’s first Claims-as-a-Service solution for future-focused companies in the Insurance and Legal sectors.” Their chatbot AI, Robin, uses Natural Language Processing to allow insurance organizations to automate several parts of their claims process. Robin can autonomously onboard new customers, validate policyholder identities, answer questions, perform fraud checks and more.

“Empowering customers to document their own claims in real-time is a win-win situation for everyone involved” commented Michael Lewis, CEO of Claim Technology. “It gives claims handlers more information and accuracy to document a claim, at the same time as championing the customer to shorten the lifecycle of their journey from end-to-end.”

Our partnership with Claim Technology represents an exciting expansion of the Livegenic platform. In the coming months we’ll be exploring ways to integrate Robin into our own platform to answer customer questions, troubleshoot problems, and even walk customers through basic inspections without the need for an adjuster to be on the call. These are just some of the possibilities on the horizon for Livegenic.

"We are excited to announce this partnership with Claim Technology, and this update to our own offering.” Says Livegenic CEO, Olek Shestakov. “Smart Chat Capabilities will not only better serve our clients today, but signify an important first step in our larger strategic direction toward AI. These improvements will allow us to deliver the best claim experience and outcomes to more clients, both across Europe and worldwide.”

As always, keep checking back for more updates on Livegenic technology and innovation.