App-Free Collaboration Just Got An Upgrade: The Livegenic Customer Portal

Back in January we released Livegenic WebRTC- our first live video collaboration tool that ran entirely through your web browser. Now, we’re bringing even more features to our App-free solution with the release of the Livegenic Customer Portal.

Record, collaborate, and upload - No downloads required.

With the Livegenic Customer Portal, your mobile users have access to a host of tools for collaborating and documenting their claims, all from the web browser on their phone or tablet.

Users can stream live video, take pictures, view custom onscreen instructions, and upload any files from their device directly to their claim file on the Livegenic Web Portal.  

How it works

Sharing the Customer Portal with your policyholders and other mobile users is a cinch- just click the Share dropdown and select ‘Share Customer Portal Link’

When the policyholder taps the link in the invitation message, they’re brought directly to the main screen of the Customer Portal. From here, they can start a live video stream, capture pictures offline with onscreen instructions, upload files to their claim file, or view their adjuster’s contact information.


Adjusters can use their computer microphone to speak to the policyholder during a live video stream by clicking ‘Connect to Stream’ on the Livegenic Web Portal


Where it shines

When time is critical, being able to quickly and easily connect with mobile users to collect and share documentation is key. The Customer Portal provides greater:

  • Compatibility - Almost any device with a web browser can run the Customer Portal, including smartphones, tablets, or laptops.
  • Accessibility - Policyholders can access their claim with a single click, no passwords, logins, or codes required.
  • Simplicity - With a simple, intuitive interface and no apps to download, there’s little room for confusion or delay when getting started.

The Livegenic Customer Portal brings the power of the Livegenic platform to your mobile users in a simple, fast, easy-to-use package. If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to speak with our customer support team about enabling the Customer Portal for your own team, please reach us at