New Feature: Enterprise Photo Reports

Big news for field inspectors, IAs, and on-site Adjusters: With our upcoming update, the Livegenic Enterprise App will enable you create professional photo reports directly from the field.

Document, Annotate, and Extract - No Computer Required

Inspectors can condense an entire claim into a single PDF photo report directly from the Livegenic Enterprise App, complete with annotated images, questionnaire responses, and other claims data. It’s fast, simple, and saves time for both inside and outside teams.

Enterprise Photo Reports will also include all of your company’s claim questionnaires, which field inspectors can fill out directly from the App and include in the final report.

How it works

Click through the gallery below to see easy it is to create professional photo reports with Livegenic Enterprise. 

Where it fits

Faster reporting when time is critical
Inspectors can save time by creating reports while they're still in the field, instead of having to return to the office or wait for inside staff to create the photo reports; and with the ability to choose a specific questionnaire for their claim, inspectors will always know the exact information that should be included in the final report.  

End-to-End inspection workflow
With the addition of Enterprise Photo Reports, the Livegenic Enterprise App now offers field inspectors complete workflow support without having to rely on inside staff. Inspectors can create a new claim file, document the loss, annotate and explain the damages, then extract everything as a professional-quality PDF report; all from their mobile device.