Q: What do Livegenic Services do?
A: Livegenic allows customers to provide one-way real-time visual to a claims professional to better explain size, scope, and type of the damage to help insurance claims professionals improve customer experience and accelerate claim cycle times.

Q: How does Livegenic work?
A: Livegenic mobile apps can be downloaded and installed during the conversation with a claims professional. Then, without disconnecting from the phone, Livegenic allows claims professionals to acquire a video stream to see what the customer sees in real-time.

Q: Do I use Livegenic to connect to customer service?
A: No, you would reach customer service directly through the customer service hotline, but you will be able to utilize Livegenic without disconnecting from the claims professional over the phone.

Q: Aren't there limitations in being able to use phone and data at the same time?
A: Yes, certain CDMA networks may be limited in offering simultaneous voice and data usage. In this scenario, WiFi may be necessary. Or, the customer may disconnect and reconnect with the claims professional using VoIP In-App calling.

Q: Does Livegenic require mobile data?
A: Livegenic runs over 3G, 4G, and WiFi.

Q: How much mobile data does Livegenic consume?
A: Real-time visual streaming consumption depends on the mobile device and configuration. Our stream is configured to provide the best quality at the connection speeds and device capability available. This means that streams over different devices will be different in size. Please note that streaming will consume data and result in charges set by the mobile network provider.

Q: Will streaming deplete a lot of power?
A: Livegenic will consume mobile power. For optimal experience and performance, it is best to have device charged or plugged into an external source of power.

Q: How high is the quality of the Livegenic visual stream?
A: The quality of the visual stream will depend on many factors. The mobile device processing speed and its available resources, signal quality and network connectivity, all contribute to the quality of the transmission.

Q: Is Livegenic stream recorded?
A: Livegenic stream can be configured to be recorded by a Livegenic enterprise customer. The recording may or may not be archived depending on the organizational policies.