with Livegenic

Why Integrate?

Insurance Organizations

  • Give your team instant access to the Livegenic platform directly from your claims management system
  • Simplify your workflows with Single Sign-On, instant data transfer, and unified user account management

Technology Providers

  • Enhance your services with any of the features, capabilities, and workflows provided by the Livegenic Platform
  • Win more business by giving your clients an enterprise-ready solution used by top carriers across the globe

Integration Benefits

Streamline workflows and accelerate your claims process by eliminating the time-consuming navigation between multiple platforms, services, and solutions

Ensure that your team has the right tools for every job with the Livegenic Mobile Suite, which provides virtual inspection solutions for both customers and professionals

Securely access and manage your content from anywhere in the world with our enterprise-grade storage in datacenters on 6 continents

Further enhance your business through Livegenic’s global network of technology partners, InsurTech platforms, and other value-added services

Integration Support And Capabilities

Integrate with Livegenic in days, not weeks.

Our intuitive APIs, comprehensive documentation, and world class Integration Support team makes integration a breeze.


Ready right out of the box - Your team can start using the Livegenic Platform and Mobile Suite immediately


Make it yours - Configure and customize the Livegenic Platform to fit the needs of your business and customers


Enhance your capabilities - Directly embed Livegenic Platform services into your own products and solutions

  • Our dedicated Integration Support team is available throughout every stage of your integration
  • Our Professional Services team helps adapt your system and minimize strain on your IT team
  • We provide code snippets and design pattern recommendations to accelerate the integration process
  • State of the art capabilities – REST APIs, code snippets in your platform’s language, notifications
  • Our embeddable tools support workflows for both ingesting and delivering data from Livegenic
  • Access to virtually all Livegenic Platform capabilities, features, services, and mobile solutions
  • Enterprise-grade, multi-layer security provided through static and dynamic tokens, IP filtering, and more
  • Livegenic is used and verified by top insurers and claims organizations across the globe

Livegenic Storage Services

The Livegenic Platform provides secure, industry-leading content storage, data management, and long-term archival for all of your data.


  • Every piece of content kept in Livegenic has a minimum of 3 backup copies, each stored in a different geographic location
  • All files are stored with an industry-leading durability rating of 99.999999999%
  • Our enterprise-grade content preservation system and audit tracking maintains complete chain of custody for every individual file
  • Your data is protected at all times through full encryption at-rest and in-transit
  • Our geographically-distributed storage facilities ensure that your data is always preserved in your local region, state, or country
  • Livegenic has never lost even a single file throughout more than 7 years of operation

Pick an Optimized Data Storage Option
that Fits Your Unique Business Needs:

Securely store and manage your content
in Livegenic via our enterprise API suite

Store content in Livegenic and synchronize it with your system at any time

Capture content through Livegenic and automatically deliver it to your system

100% platform uptime and content access over the last 3 years*

Join The Livegenic Ecosystem

Integrating with Livegenic also gives you instant access to our network of pre-built
integrations with other leading insurance technology providers

Matt Kenney

Source 7 - Head of Product Development

As a seamless partner in the integration of Source7, Livegenic’s digital claims inspection and documentation tools allow insureds or adjusters to capture and submit details needed for a Source7 evaluation. The real-time response gives users the information they need to make a decision about subrogation and initiate next steps.

Nathan DeSpain

WaterStreet - Vice President

We are very excited to be partnering with Livegenic. By expanding the WaterStreet insurance administration capabilities to offer video collaboration and self-service inspection, we will be able to better equip our clients with tools and technology to offer a seamless digital experience and optimize the claims and inspection process along the way.

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