Introducing Automated Measurements

What if you could manage and interact with claims information differently? At Livegenic, we always look beyond the current capabilities into the future of claims collaboration.

You’ve seen us deliver award-winning live video collaboration and enhanced self-service capabilities; followed by mobile solutions for narrated field loss documentation for insurance vendors like IA’s, contractors, and emergency services. Then we showed you how our platform fits into the future of insurance by being the first to deliver live video collaboration with infrared capability, designed to help streamline water loss documentation. Today, we’re excited to announce yet another new powerful feature – Automated Measurements.

We’ve spoken with numerous IAs, inside and outside claims representatives, and contractors that utilize our platform every day about what we could offer to make their jobs easier. All of them expressed an interest in the same thing: a faster, easier way to acquire measurements during real-time collaboration. We took this feedback to heart, and now this capability is available with a single click!

With Measurements, you can quickly and easily measure the dimensions of any object in a picture. For more about how you can use Measurements in your daily workflows, watch our 1-minute training video below:

Keep an eye out for more updates to Livegenic Measurements in the coming weeks. Our team is constantly innovating and delivering more ways to enhance your claims management and improve the overall claims process for your clients. Look for area measurements and automatic object dimension detection, coming soon!.

To learn more about measurements, or to offer any suggestions and feedback on what you’d like to see in Livegenic in the future, contact us at We’re here for you!

Loden Cullar-Ledford

Loden is a recent Philadelphia transplant who grew up in Houston, Texas, and will talk your ear off about manned space exploration, Big Data analytics, and the economic fallout of mass-automation.

Posted on April 25, 2017 at 3:28 pm

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