Join Livegenic CEO, Alex Polyakov, at Society for Service Executives

On May 20th & 21st, the Society for Service Executives, the National Association of Service Managers, and the Association of Support Professionals will be hosting their annual Joint Service Symposium. The theme for this year’s event is “Disruptive Technology and the Customer Experience.”

The event is tailored for leaders and executives in field service industries and will cover numerous topics in technology and customer service. Industry leaders and subject matter experts will address the impact of Predictive Intelligence, Disruptive Technology, the Internet of Things, and other emerging technologies on the Customer Experience.

Livegenic CEO, Alex Polyakov, will be presenting at the event to cover the topic titled “Scaling the Unscalable – Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Field Support Operations with Real-time Visual Technology.” Alex will address the many challenges in field service organizations that make it difficult to effectively provide high quality of service at high operational efficiency and how real-time video communications can help provide the elasticity necessary to reduce costs and improve the quality of service.

Please join Alex and participate at the event by following the link below.