Don Chapman


Don is a seasoned executive and enterprise advisor for technology companies. Over the past few decades, he has helped CEOs & their leadership teams enhance their skills and knowledge to lead their businesses to higher levels of achievement. He works with small to mid-sized organizations and has helped CEOs improve their ability to grow revenue, lower cost, reduce risk and have empowered and motivated employees.

As Director and Executive Advisor for Livegenic, Don helps the executive team to outline financial and corporate strategies to map the company’s growth trajectory. He also puts together strategic corporate growth plans and financial projections.

Don was one of the founding board members of Acetech (now Peerscale), an association of Technology CEOs. Past President of Novell Canada Ltd., Don was responsible for all facets of the Canadian organization. He has led numerous high-level corporate task forces, including global compensation planning as well as the organizational integration from acquisitions such as Cambridge Technology Partners and SilverStream. Don has worked with companies such as WireIE, Tomauri, Infoware,Netmail, So Cast, Condo Control Central and many others.

Don is Business Graduate from Ryerson University.