Loden Cullar-Ledford

Director of Customer

Coming from a marketing background, Loden’s strengths lay in digital marketing, customer communication, and product specialization. He has worked in B2B marketing since 2014.

Since joining Livegenic in 2016, Loden has become a key player on our team. In leading the Customer Success and Marketing teams, his primary responsibilities are to support clients throughout their introduction and integration with Livegenic, and to provide both remote and in-person training and support for new teams. Additionally, Loden works directly with the Livegenic Product Team to help develop and create new features and workflows, design UI/UX elements, and cultivate the overall “look and feel” of Livegenic’s solutions.

Thanks to his unique background in marketing communication, sales, and product design, Loden is able to support clients through every stage of the marketing, sales, and onboarding process.

Loden has a BS in Business Administration from Ithaca College.