New Feature: Onscreen Guidance

With our latest update, you can send custom on-screen instructions to mobile users on the Livegenic MyClaim and Livegenic Enterprise Apps. These custom step-by-step directions will be available at any time during offline video or picture capture.


How It Works

Guide your policyholders, contractors, and on-site adjusters in any situation, at any time.

Sending step-by-step instructions to mobile users is simple, just login to the Web Portal and click the “On-Screen Guidance” dropdown in the claim file to view a list of all the instruction sets that your team has created.


Once a specific set has been selected, the mobile user for this claim will be able to view those steps on-screen while capturing offline video or pictures.

Where It Fits

Get accurate documentation during high-volume events

During a CAT event, the two of the most limiting factors when processing claims are time and capacity. On-screen Guidance ensures your field inspectors capture the right content even when your inside team isn’t available due to power outages, internet connectivity, or normal working hours.


Policyholder self-service when real-time guidance isn’t available

Chaos doesn't take days off. If a policyholder’s pipes freeze on Christmas Eve, or their basement with poor WiFi reception is flooded, the standard workflow of guiding them in real-time might not be an option. Any time, anywhere, online or offline, On-screen Guidance will be there for your customers even when you can’t be.


Provide guidance for new or inexperienced field resources

Seasoned inspectors know what to look for during an inspection, but those new to the job will inevitably need the occasional helping hand. With on-screen instructions, you can provide a quick reference guide to help field resources get accurate and thorough claim documentation without the need for on-site or remote assistance from other staff.


Time spent on guidance for high-frequency claims adds up. With On-screen Guidance, we can help not only take some of this repetitive work off of your plate, we can also support your field resources in areas with poor network connectivity, and help your policyholders at times when it matters most. On-Screen Guidance is now available for MyClaim and Enterprise, contact us at to and see how it can help improve your workflow.