Product Update: Augmented Reality Measurements

We’re excited to announce the latest feature addition to the MyClaim App: Augmented Reality Measurements.    

This new feature allows policyholders and insureds to quickly capture and deliver real-world measurements directly from the MyClaim App.

To measure something, the mobile user simply needs to point their camera at a surface and allow the device to detect its size characteristics, then place pins to measure any distance on that surface.

Augmented Reality Measurements allow policyholders to quickly capture accurate measurements without needing reference objects, measuring tape, or counting steps; and it helps adjusters obtain more useful information about the claim during remote inspections. By combining video collaboration and Augmented Reality Measurements, the MyClaim App provides the most comprehensive tool for virtual and self-service inspections, all with minimum effort and with no extra tools.

“I’m very proud of our advanced technologies”, shared Bogdan Tkachenko, Livegenic Mobile Development Manager. “By implementing Augmented Reality Measurements we are keeping pace with the latest Apple and Google developments.”

Keep an eye out for our next update to this tool: Support for using Augmented Reality Measurements during live video streaming, which will allows for Voice Narration, remote photo capture during the measurement process, and grabbing pictures right from the video to build customizable and attractive reports.