Product Update: Document Signing Feature

We’re pleased to announce our latest feature update: the ability to sign documents electronically directly through the Livegenic Customer Portal.

With this new feature, customers, partners, and contractors can sign documents directly through their mobile device. The update provides an engaging ability to speed up the process of filing and working on claims - no more waiting days for a signature!

The Document Signing feature is embedded in the Livgenic Customer Portal at no additional cost. This functionality now comes standard within Livegenic to ensure smooth and efficient collaboration between a policyholder and an adjuster. Policyholders are able to digitally sign or type their signatures and adjusters can create customizable signature templates as well as collect additional information required. 

“I'm very excited to see our newest Document Signing feature generating strong traction and very positive feedback from our partners and clients”, - shared Alexa Burtnyk, Livegenic Director of Client Services. “Livegenic Document Signing is fully embedded in our Customer Portal in-browser mobile solution. All-in-one approach allows prompt document signing right from the Customer Portal web-app, eliminating the need of switching between various services and streamlining the company's internal workflow.”

With Document Signing on the Customer Portal, you can provide fast, easy exchange of documents with field staff, contractors, and policyholders. The full legal validity, compliance, and security of a paper signature - but with the speed and simplicity of the Livegenic platform.

If you’re interested in learning more, reach us at