Product Update: Telestration Functionality

The Livegenic Customer Portal now supports two-way telestration and onscreen collaborative drawing, allowing real-time drawing between mobile users and inside staff.

This easy-to-use feature helps mobile and desktop users quickly point, circle, or draw on the same screen in real time. With telestration, inside adjusters can provide better guidance and assistance to insureds during collaboration sessions, all from a single download-free solution.

Collaborative drawing can be enabled at any point during a live video stream. Thanks to our improved Telestration platform, collaborative drawing is near-instantaneous for all participants, and a single session can include more than 20 different team members drawing at the same time. After a session, all captured images and onscreen drawings are immediately available for review in the Livegenic Web Portal.

"Telestration offers a range of possibilities during live collaboration, shared Artem Khrenov, head of Livegenic Platform Engineering. "It improves the quality of guidance and support that adjusters can provide to policyholders, and helps reduce the time and effort required for a remote inspection".

Telestration and collaborative drawing provide a whole new way to improve the value of your remote inspection workflows and help maximize customer satisfaction.