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policyholder self-service

Give your claims process an upgrade with policyholder self-service and advanced field resource management

When your customers encounter a loss, they put their trust in you to provide the best-possible service in the fastest-possible time. Our award-winning claims collaboration platform enables your team to deliver unparalleled customer service right from FNOL, with real-time and asynchronous photo and video collaboration, guided self-service, and powerful field resource management tools.


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Remote Video Collaboratio

Remote Video
Collaboration and
Guided Self-Service

Get eyes on a loss without ever leaving the office. With Livegenic's suite of customer-focused mobile solutions, policyholders can collaborate with inside adjusters through live video and photo capture, or through guided offline self-service with onscreen instructions.

Get loss documentation 80% faster
Save up to $400 per-inspection
Claims Process
Access inspection content in minutes not days

Seamless Claims Process
and Content Access

Every piece of content that’s recorded or uploaded through the Livegenic suite is automatically organized and stored on our Web Portal. Your team can quickly and easily review claim files, manage inspection data, assign and collaborate with other users, and access a host of reports and dashboards- all from their internet browser.

Claims Management

Claims Management
and Onsite Inspection

Livegenic provides end-to-end loss inspection and claims management tools for your field resources. From creation and assignment to inspection and upload, your outside teams can use the Livegenic suite to collaborate, document, and close claims faster than ever before.

Increase adjuster
inspection capacity by 50% per-week


Customer Portal
Self Service
Web Portal

Instant collaboration- no downloads, Apps, or logins required. The Livegenic Customer Portal is the fastest way to collaborate with your policyholders or field resources, providing live photo and video streaming, guided offline photo capture, and direct document uploads; all through the web browser on their device.

The Self Service Portal provides an easy-to-use web app that guides insureds through their inspection via reactive visual examples, text instructions, and short-answer questionnaires.

The ultimate self service solution for policyholders. Livegenic MyClaim provides a full suite of claims collaboration and documentation tools in a single easy-to-use package. Your Insureds can document their losses in any environment with both live and offline photo and video recording, upload any documents and files directly to their claim, and view workflow-specific onscreen instructions at any time.

Comprehensive onsite inspection tool for your adjusters, inspectors, and investigators. Livegenic Enterprise allows your field teams to capture live or offline photos and videos; receive, create, and manage claim files; and review all collected documentation. Use onscreen instructions and live video collaboration to help your newest adjusters inspect with confidence, and enable seasoned professionals get the job done faster and easier with one-touch PDF Photo reports, document exchange, and assignment management.

Mission Control for claims management, collaboration, and review. The Web Portal is the heart of the Livegenic ecosystem, and provides your inside teams with a simple, powerful platform to manage claims, deliver assignents, and access collected documentation, in addition to a host of reports, dashboards, and other tools.


Policyholders and Insureds
Can use the Livegenic MyClaim App and Customer Portal to work directly with your inside teams to remotely document their claims at any time.
Outside adjusters and estimators
Can use the Livegenic Enterprise App to record, upload, and manage their own claims right from the field.
IAs and contractors
Can use the Livegenic Enterprise App for controlled access to specific claims assignments without sacrificing internal security.
Policyholders and Insureds
Outside adjusters and estimators
IAs and contractors

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