Advanced Portal Use

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Dashboard: The homepage of the Web Portal, the Dashboard is where new claims and new assignments are created. Additionally, a list of the most recently-created claims and statistics on the status of all your claims will appear here.

AssignmentsAssignments are created using the form on the New Assignments tab. This creates a new claim and notifies inspectors and IA’s about new loss documentation assignments.

Claims List: Displays a list of all claims created, assigned, or closed in the account. 

Claims List Continued:
To search and filter claims by specific characteristics, click the blue magnifying glass icon to display the filter menu.

Administrators can export the displayed or filtered claim list by using the “Export” button at the bottom of the page.
Sharing: The sharing feature allows users to share claim files in a read-only format, either with other team members, other departments, or external parties like subrogation companies or attorneys

To share a claim, click on the “Share” button for the desired claim and input the email of who you would like to send it to, as well as a message. The recipient will then get an email with a link to access the claim in a read-only format.

To access the claim file, the recipient will need to log in with an existing Livegenic account, or create a new one.
Sharing Continued:
To remove access to a claim, click the “Unshare” button next to the recipient’s email in the “Shared With” tab.

Demonstrations List: A demonstration is a single video segment; most claims contain multiple demonstrations. The Demonstrations List contains a table of all the individual demonstrations in the account.

Map Page: Displays all claims on a map. The map displays the GPS locations from each claim, and can be sorted by a number of filters, such as date or address. By using the three check boxes at the top-right of the screen, users can filter the displayed claims by the type of documentation that was used to capture them.

Live claims: Claims that are currently live streaming.
Guided claims: Claims that were documented using live collaboration.
Narrated claims: Claims captured using narrated video.

Organizations List: Contains a list of all the companies and organizations that your company has filed commercial claims for.

Customers List: Contains a list of all the individual customers who your company has filed claims for.

Sync Status Page: Displays a list of all claims that are in the process of being synced. Users can see how many photos and videos are being synchronized, as well as the length of the videos and a percentage of how much total data has been uploaded to the Web Portal in real-time.

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