Field Assignments and Narrated Documentation

Collaborating with contractors, IA's, and other 3rd parties has never been easier with Livegenic. The Assignments feature allows office-based adjusters to create and deliver claim files to the field adjusters and on-site inspectors before loss documentation begins. This saves a significant amount of time managing and setting up on-site inspections, as all of the information can be sent from the Livegenic Web Portal with just a few clicks.

To create a new assignment just follow these short steps:

Creating a New Assignment for field loss documentation:
  1. Navigate to the New Assignment tab on the Dashboard
  2. Fill out the customer information (name, address, email, claim number etc.)
  3. In the “Assigned To” field, input the name or email address of the inspector who will be documenting the claim
  4. Click the “Assign” button – this creates a new claim and sends the inspector an email with the details of the claim, as well as a link to the claim file on the Web Portal.

Once the inspector or adjuster is on-site, they can use the Livegenic Pro App to begin documenting the claim. Livegenic Pro gives adjusters the ability to capture all claims documentation with a single app. Narrated Documentation can be collected without an internet connection if needed, and once internet connection is reestablished all videos, images, and recorded audio will be automatically uploaded to the Livegenic Web Portal.

When real-time collaboration between adjusters is desired, Livegenic Pro offers the ability to stream live video from inspector's device. This data is collected, sorted, and stored in the Web Portal automatically, just like offline recordings.

To see how adjusters can use Livegenic Pro from their mobile devices, follow these steps:

Narrated Documentation:
Once the inspector arrives at the claim, they can begin documentation by following these steps:
  1. Open the Livegenic Pro app
  2. Select the claim by choosing from the list on the right side of the screen, or by tapping on a pin icon on the map
  3. Tap the orange camera button to begin capturing audio and video
  • Livegenic Pro is designed to be used in areas with little to no internet connection, so inspectors will have to connect to WiFi or cellular data in order to upload collected pictures and video.
  • Once the files have been synchronized to the Web Portal, they will be automatically removed from the inspector’s device, freeing up the space for future documentation.
  • Office-based adjusters will be alerted via email that the documentation has been uploaded to the web app.

Livegenic Pro Overview

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