Starting Live Collaboration

Starting a collaboration session with a customer is a quick and simple process with Livegenic, and it begins when a customer calls in with a claim. This call can be the First Notice of Loss, or it can be a follow-up to an existing conversation. Before starting a collaboration session, be sure to offer the customer the choice between using Livegenic to document their claim remotely, or proceeding with a traditional in-person inspection.

The best way to offer live collaboration to a customer:
  1. Explain that it may take some time to have an inspector come and document the claim.
  2. Let the customer know that if they have a smartphone or WiFi-connected tablet handy, they can potentially fast-track the claim by remotely documenting the claim through the device’s camera.
  3. Offer the customer a choice: Schedule an in-person inspection, or try live collaboration

Once the customer agrees to try live collaboration, follow these steps to set up the session and begin documenting the claim.

How create a new claim and begin remote collaboration with a customer:
  1. Log-in to the Livegenic Web Portal:
  2. Enter the customer’s information under the New Claim tab
  3. Click the “Share App Link” button next to the phone or email field to send a link to the Mobile App via text message or email.
  4. Instruct the customer to follow the link to install the App
  5. Tell the customer to accept the terms and permissions when opening the app for the first time
  6. With app installed and open, tell the customer to click the orange camera button to begin streaming
  7. Ask customer for the 9-digit demonstration code that will appear in the bottom left corner after streaming has started
  8. Type the demonstration code into the “9-Digit Code” field at the bottom of the New Claim form
  9. Click the “Create” button, this creates the new claim and automatically starts the live stream

Overview of Livegenic Mobile App

Posted on September 7, 2016 at 12:00 pm

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